Yoshihiro vs Shun: Which One is Worth Your Money and Why?
"Yoshihiro vs Shun" review

Just like you, the majority of chefs and home cooks are into Japanese-style kitchen knives. 

As this is the case, the debate between Yoshihiro vs Shun knives is bound to happen. 

Among the popular Japanese knife brands, Shun and Yoshihiro are the most common ones.

However, they are quite similar when it comes to quality and performance. So, you probably face difficulty choosing between these two Japanese knife brands.

To make things quick for you, both Yoshihiro and Shun have lots of high-quality knives with different categories to offer. 

So, there is no clear winner here. However, there are preferences. 

What we meant is –

Shun knives are highly recommended for professionals in the culinary field because they are expertly crafted with great precision and attention to detail.

On the other hand, if you want more choices, Yoshihiro is the brand for you, as they offer a wide range of collections to choose from.

Well! let’s not jump to conclusions just yet; there is still much to discuss, from knife quality to the price, to draw the perfect comparison between Yoshihiro vs Shun cutlery.

What are Yoshihiro Knives: A Brief Over View

Yoshihiro is a renowned handcrafted Japanese kitchen knife brand who are in the knife business for quite a time now. 

Yoshihiro’s inspiration for their knife designs originated from the techniques of medieval swordsmiths from Japan.

Despite being influenced by ancient craftsmanship, these knives possess a contemporary flair. 

Yoshihiro offers several knife options tailored to facilitate various kitchen tasks.

With their sushi knives and yanagibas being the most sought-after, Yoshihiro boasts an array of traditional Japanese-style knives in assorted shapes and sizes.


  • Yoshihiro knives are hand-crafted
  • Offers a lot of variety in terms of type, steel, and functionality
  • The knife collection has both single-bevel and double-bevel ones in 20+ different types of steel.
  • Comes with comfortable knife handles that include Magnolia, Shitan Rosewood, Enju, Hiba, yew, Ebony, etc.

What are Shun Knives: A Brief Over View

Shun knives are highly regarded kitchen knives originating from Japan, which adhere to traditional Japanese techniques. 

Despite their roots in Japanese tradition, these knives boast a contemporary, Asian aesthetic. 

Shun offers seven distinct collections of knives, each crafted from a unique type of Japanese steel. 

These steels range from VG2 to Shun’s proprietary VG-Max, all the way up to Blue Steel and SG2. 

The brand offers an impressive range of kitchen knives, catering to both affordable and high-end markets, with several options in between. 

Many of their knife’s feature hammered or Damascus finishes, adding both strength and beauty to the product.


  • Renowned for their exceptional sharpness.
  • These knives are capable of producing ultra-thin slices with ease. 
  • In contrast to their European counterparts, these knives are exceptionally lightweight.
  • Shun offers a variety of blade shapes, from chef to boning knives.

Yoshihiro vs Shun: Top 6 Facts Compared

top 6 facts

So, you have got a pretty much clear idea of both Yoshihiro and Shun knives. Now, what makes the brands different from each other? 

Let’s find out as we will discuss these six crucial factors to draw a comprehensive comparison between Yoshihiro vs. Shun.  





High carbon steel, Stainless/Semi-stainless steel with a blade angle 15-20 degrees

VG-Max, VG10, Dual core VG10, AUS81, and AUS10A with a blade angle 15-16 degrees


Magnolia, Shitan Rosewood, enju, Hiba, Yew, and Ebony

Pakkawood (available with ebony, walnut, blonde, and grey color), Tahayasan, Textured TPE, and Satin steel


Yoshihiro knives are known for their precision cutting and ability to maintain their edge for a long time. They are ideal for slicing, dicing, and chopping a wide range of ingredients.

Shun knives, on the other hand, have a sharper edge angle, which makes them perfect for precision cutting and slicing. They are also well-balanced and easy to maneuver, which makes them great for everyday use.

Build Quality

Yoshihiro knives are hand-forged by skilled craftsmen using traditional Japanese techniques. They are made of high-quality materials and are built to last for a long time.

Shun knives are also hand-crafted using traditional techniques and are built to the highest standards of quality. They are known for their durability and precision and are a favorite among professional chefs.

Use Cases

They are ideal for cutting meat, fish, and vegetables and are great for precision cutting and chopping.

Shun knives are perfect for slicing and dicing vegetables, cutting meat, and filleting fish. The sharper edge angle of these knives makes them much more ideal for precision cutting and slicing.


$69 to $14,999 (A bit expensive)

$79.95 to $1,501 (Comparatively less price)

Yoshihiro vs Shun: What are the Brand’s Best Options to Offer?

Let’s say you decide to choose between Yoshihiro and Shun brands but don’t know which knife lines to go for, whether it’s a shun knife or Yoshihiro knife. 

So, here are our recommendations you could rely on.

Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Blue High Carbon Steel

Mizu yaki

The Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Blue High Carbon Steel is made by skilled craftsmen using traditional forging techniques. 

The blades contain Blue Steel #2, a high-quality carbon steel known for its sharpness and edge retention. 

The Mizu Yaki process involves quenching the blade in the water, which gives it a unique and beautiful hamon pattern.

The handle is made of Magnolia wood with a Buffalo Horn bolster for added balance and stability. 

These knives are ideal for precision cutting and are a great investment for serious cooks.


Shun Premier

Shun Premier

The Shun Premier is a line of Western-style Japanese knives hand-crafted using traditional Japanese techniques. 

The blades are made of VG-MAX steel, a proprietary blend of VG-10 and other alloys. 

They have a sharper edge angle of 16 degrees, which makes them perfect for precision cutting and slicing. 

The handle is crafted with Pakkawood, a combination of hardwood and resin ergonomically designed for comfort and balance. 

The Shun Premier line includes a wide range of knives, from chefs to utility knives, and is a popular choice among home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Yoshihiro vs Shun: What the Consumers are Saying?

Consumer report

Yoshihiro, according to most knife reviewers and consumers, produces the best cutting tools that have very few things to complain about. 

Most customers like the build quality and the blade material for optimum performance and durability. 

But some people think the price is too high. Despite this, Yoshihiro is still a famous and respected brand in the knife industry.

Consumer reviews from Amazon, Walmart, and other online stores of shun knives are pretty positive. 

Most customers like Shun’s comfortable, sharp, and lightweight construction. 

However, there are also some drawbacks stated, like rusting, chipping, and brittleness for some of Shun’s knife series.

Overall, Shun is a premium knife brand among professional chefs and knife enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts: Which one You Should Go for?

Yoshihiro or shun

Finally, we think our discussion probably get you all the info you need to make an informed decision between Yoshihiro vs Shun knives. 

The fact is both these knife brands feature quality blades with lots of options to choose from for specific cutting or slicing. 

So, you can’t really give one brand the upper hand against another. 

So, overall, both Yoshihiro and Shun knives are great choices for serious cooks and chefs. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and which features are most important to you. 

If you’re looking for a traditional Japanese knife with a unique hamon pattern, go for Yoshihiro. 

If you prefer a Western-style Japanese knife with a sharper edge angle, choose Shun.


1.Where is Yoshihiro’s cutlery made? 

Ans: Yoshihiro knives are made in Sakai, Japan. Sakai has a long history of producing high-quality Japanese knives, and many of the world’s finest knives are made in this region.

2.Are Yoshihiro knives Full Tang? 

Ans: Yes, most Yoshihiro knives are Full Tang, which means the blade extends all the way through the handle, providing better balance and stability. This is a common feature in high-quality Japanese knives.

3.What are the oldest Japanese knife companies? 

Ans: Some of the oldest Japanese knife companies include Sakai Takayuki, Masamoto Sohonten, and Yoshikane Hamono.

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